XVIII Congreso Argentino de archivística- Regulations

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REGULATIONS XVIII Argentine Congress of Archival Science



Argentine Archivists Federation 

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences from Universidad Nacional    del Litoral



November 11, 12 and 13 - 2020



Every person enrolled acoording to the next categories is considered participant of the Congress:

a) Speakers: they are those who expound a piece of news, communication, knowledge.

b) Guests or lecturers: National and international personalities with well-known academic ability, or archival activity.

c) Adherents: they are those participants not included in the first items.

Special guests and lecturers will have a maximum time of 40 minutes for their exposition.

Speakers and institutional presentations will have 20 minutes for their performance.



The access to the event is free upon registration. 

The participation certificate and some event contents will have a onetime cost of ARS$500 for Argentina (five hundred pesos) and U$$20, (twenty American dollars) for participants from abroad.

Registration will take place through a form available on the event site. 

The method of payment for the certificates is available on the event site. 

The official event site is www.mundoarchivistico.com



Virtual mode participation will be in real time and/or videotape according to the speakers preference in general, except for the lectures or personalities presentations which will take place in real time. 

The participation requires an email with the following information: 

  • Titles of the proposed works with their respective summaries, short CV, and a photograph to be used in the programme profile. 
  • The videotape of which sending will be coordinated with the person responsible for the technical aspects of the event. 

The complete work will be submitted before 25th October, 2020.

All the submitted works will be assessed by the Scientific committee and classified under the thematic axis referenced by the author. The decision of the committee is final and cannot be appealed. 

It will be accepted: 

  • Theoretical proposals.
  • Experiences.
  • Case studies.
  • Pedagogical presentations.
  • Documentaries.
  • Short films.
  • Film essays, reports and relevant testimonies.
  • Institutional videos; or 
  • Work records and the
  • Projects presentation. 

Every presentation must signify an important contribution to the archival issues formulated by the Congress contents. 

The notification of work acceptance, as well as the assignment of a place in the programme, will be sent by email to the main author. 



Summary, format and extent:

The abstracts or summaries sent to the following email address: congresofara2020@gmail.com must not exceed two hundred (200) words. They must be written on a computer, sent in PDF format. The font must be Times New Roman, size twelve (12). They will be written in Spanish, as well as the keywords.

The videotape will be in Spanish, or in the source language subtitled into Spanish and legibly written or dubbed into Spanish. 

The titles and subtitles, labels and written notes on the video, must be in Spanish o subtitled into Spanish and legibly written. 

The videotape can be made with a mobile phone with camera and fine resolution, the video must respect the specified maximum term, it must have the best possible quality, filmed in a horizontal mode with good lighting and clearly audible sound. 

The sending ways and details for its exposition will be coordinated with the person responsible for the technical aspects of the event. 



The Committee reserves the right to assessment and acceptance of works without any obligation to provide explanations and to comply with the current regulation. 

It will be accepted and considered as work every General Archive Report submitted under the characteristics of presentation. 



- The authors give up the rights only on this occasion, to the Congress, for the latter to publish properly in accordance with the interests of the congress, without affecting or damaging intellectual rights and copyright, whether in mundoarchivistico.com or in archival notebooks.



- Filling the registration form, as a basic requirement, is mandatory for all participants at any level of involvement. 

Those who require certificates will be able to obtain them by making the corresponding payment. 

The diplomas and certificates will be sent online after the virtual congress has finished to be printed in the place of origin. 




The congress will be developed in a virtual mode through conferences and participation in forums and debates. 

The free access, as well as the participation with certificate and the participation with presentation, will require the compliance with the registration, deadlines and submission of works modality. 

The participation with works will be performed through previously recorded expositions or conferences. The live participation of speakers will be considered for lectures, authorities and special guests. 

The days of the congress, will have a schedule of expositions, institutional presentations and lectures which will be communicated in advance as their access methodology.

At the end of the expositions the participants will be able to send to the moderator questions for the speaker, who will be able to answer them in real time or privately depending on the technical resources as well as the time or the speaker.



Contingencies will be indisputably settled by the organising committee. 



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